Strandkulla cottage village

We offer high standard cottages by the sea in a beautiful, peaceful and child friendly environment. All cottages have their own beach.

Strandkulla is situated close to the town of Kristinestad (8 km) and is open all year round. Two other small cities are nearby: Kaskö/Kaskinen (15 km) and Närpes (14 km). See more information about these three cities, Kristinestad, Närpes, Kaskö.

We have 14 cottages that are 30-135 m2 and can house 2-8 persons. The cottages are fully equipped for year around living and have bed rooms, kitchen, lounge, toilet, shower and sauna.

Equipment: TV, radio, fridge-freezer, microwave oven, stove, oven, dishwasher, dishes and
kitchenware, water and electricity, rowing boat.

Fishing area with direct access to the Kvarken Archipelago.
Catch: pike, perch, trout, baltic herring, salomon, trout and whitefish.
Best fishing seasons: Mid April – starts of June & Sept-Oct.
Excellent place also for winter fishing.

See our In English page for more information.


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